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2008 Cynosure SmartLipo 18 Watt with SmartSense For Sale

Original price was: $11.000.Current price is: $7.700.
Cynosure SmartLipo - Creates hemostasis in the blood

Cynosure Cynergy Laser For Sale

Original price was: $8.400.Current price is: $6.200.
Advanced technology, efficacious outcomes
  • Facial and leg telangiectasias

Cynosure Picosure - Tattoo & Pigment Removal

Cynosure  Picosure laser system with a 755nm Alexandrite

Enhance Your Aesthetics with Cynosure MonaLisa Touch Laser

MonaLisa Touch is an innovative laser, designed and

for Sale-Cynosure RevLite SI Treatment

Original price was: $25.000.Current price is: $7.900.

Sale - Cynosure Cynergy Multiplex Laser

World-class, dual-wavelength vascular workstation proven safe and effective,

Sale - CynoSure PicoSure Tattoo Removal System

The world’s first picosecond aesthetic laser-optimal wavelengths for

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